Our Daughter is Watching Us

Ellie, our super sassy, spunky 5-year-old has come into her own personality these last few months. Her awareness of the world, herself, and Michael and I are both impressive and scary.  A few weeks ago while sitting at the kitchen table, Michael noted how grown Ellie... Read More

Deep Breaths and a Bottle of Wine

Last week after finishing my coveted therapist appointment, I reached my car and took a deep breath.  The drive to and from therapy has become the one and only place I can be alone. As an introvert at heart with two small children, this new normal of COVID life has... Read More

Black Lives Must Matter

We’re in the midst of some fairly tumultuous times in our country. In the middle of a pandemic and a pretty severe economic crisis, but our nation is also having tough yet important conversations about race equity and Black lives.  In the past several months, we’ve... Read More


It’s a line from one of Ellie’s most recent, favorite songs…“ A Dream is a wish your heart makes…” Cinderella is singing to her little mouse friends as she is waking from her sleep, getting dressed, and preparing for a new day in the dilapidated room her... Read More

10 Reasons I Wear a Mask

To honor and respect the health and livelihood of all people. To protect the healthcare workers and frontline workers- community members who feed us, care for us, teach us, and protect us.  To do the right thing. To safely send our children to school. To stimulate our... Read More

Causby, Age 2

I can not believe our number 3 will be 2 this week.  It seems like just yesterday, we were bringing her home from the hospital. Causby Marie Holt is the perfect mixture of her spunky sister and her gentle brother.  She was named after two strong matriarchs, Michael’s... Read More