The Real COVID Threat in Ethiopia

Just a few weeks ago, Ethiopia surpassed 70,000 cases of COVID-19 and 1,100 COVID-related deaths, according to Xinhua News. And while the virus remains a very serious threat, the real COVID threat is how COVID is affecting the local way of life in Ethiopia. The... Read More

To My Daughter on Her 1st Birthday

To My Daughter on Her 1st Birthday, I did not know how much I could love you. I did not know how much joy you could bring to my life and the life of our family. I did not know how much I needed you, to help me, become the mother I am today. I did not know this because... Read More

His Hands

I remember the first year Charlie was in preschool.  During one of the parent meetings, his teacher reminded us that as teachers, they do not “do art” for the students. It wasn’t until Charlie came home with his first preschool scribbles, that I realized why Ms.... Read More

Putting Us First

“80% of marriages end in divorce after the loss of a child.”  That is the statistic Michael and I heard just a few weeks after Charlie died, from a bereaved couple who also lost a child. The number has stuck with me ever since. That statistic sent me on a mission, a... Read More

Night Night

We want our babies to be comfortable, feel secure, be warm, and cozy. That’s why as soon as we give birth, our little ones are swaddled tight and placed against our chest. That immediate connection is the start of our relationship with our children in the outside... Read More

Our Daughter is Watching Us

Ellie, our super sassy, spunky 5-year-old has come into her own personality these last few months. Her awareness of the world, herself, and Michael and I are both impressive and scary.  A few weeks ago while sitting at the kitchen table, Michael noted how grown Ellie... Read More