I Wish for Charlie

My favorite time of day is after I drag myself out of bed, get Ellie ready for school, and hop in the car. I’m never super pleased when the alarm goes off and often wish I could press snooze for a few more hours. But the 10-minute drive between our house and... Read More

The Election

Sometimes the moments or distinct memories leading up to trauma, are those that are imprinted in your mind. It seems so unimportant compared to the pinnacle event, but still, it’s a trigger, a point where you remember your life as it was before and then the turn... Read More

Grief for Dummies: Part 2

For the first year, after Charlie’s death, Michael and I had to learn to function again. Getting out of bed, eating enough, and taking care of our family and ourselves was a struggle. It was a time when we needed all the support we could get and also when I wrote... Read More

The Real COVID Threat in Ethiopia

Just a few weeks ago, Ethiopia surpassed 70,000 cases of COVID-19 and 1,100 COVID-related deaths, according to Xinhua News. And while the virus remains a very serious threat, the real COVID threat is how COVID is affecting the local way of life in Ethiopia. The... Read More

To My Daughter on Her 1st Birthday

To My Daughter on Her 1st Birthday, I did not know how much I could love you. I did not know how much joy you could bring to my life and the life of our family. I did not know how much I needed you, to help me, become the mother I am today. I did not know this because... Read More

His Hands

I remember the first year Charlie was in preschool.  During one of the parent meetings, his teacher reminded us that as teachers, they do not “do art” for the students. It wasn’t until Charlie came home with his first preschool scribbles, that I realized why Ms.... Read More