Causby, Age 2

I can not believe our number 3 will be 2 this week.  It seems like just yesterday, we were bringing her home from the hospital. Causby Marie Holt is the perfect mixture of her spunky sister and her gentle brother.  She was named after two strong matriarchs, Michael’s... Read More

Our Friend, Colton

I began working at the Children’s Hospital as a Hospital School Teacher shortly after Charlie turned one. I love working with the patients at the hospital. The families I have met, have grit, are resilient, and pretty damn tough. You have to be, you have no choice... Read More

For Sama

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own lives – and our own grief. It’s easy to believe we are the protagonist in life when in reality, we’re a small player in the world. I was reminded of this recently when I watched For Sama, a documentary that recently... Read More

The Flickers Continue

In the weeks and months of COVID, I have felt in so many ways, the most overwhelmed I have ever been and yet found so much peace.  It’s a total oxymoron for sure.  We have spent so much time as a family, forced family fun – to say the least and for the first... Read More

How Are We Still Here?

It seems like the world has stopped running for Ahmaud Arbery – but we have not.  Ahmaud has been on my mind ever since a friend first shared the story of the young man murdered while jogging with me several weeks ago. He’s rarely left my mind since.  Ahmaud... Read More

A Graduation Unfulfilled

I have been an emotional mess this last week. I can’t necessarily pinpoint why. Maybe it has just been a while since I’ve had a good cry.  Maybe I have just had terrible PMS. Or maybe it’s because I’m just overwhelmed.  Michael would likely say “Holy PMS, Batgirl!” ... Read More