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Our Mission

Our mission is to fund holistic programs that promote the mental well-being of vulnerable families.

Charlie’s Story

Charlie was our first child. He made me a mother. He came into this world after 42 hours of labor and I couldn’t believe how much my heart could love another with such intensity. As Charlie grew, so did his personality. He was vibrant. Charlie was adventurous, always trying new things and never missing a moment to learn and ask questions … he asked A LOT of questions. And he knew no stranger. He engaged anyone who would interact with him and could make even the most stoic person light up.

Charlie was every one of these things, but above all, he was empathetic. He was an old soul, living in a 5 year-old-boy’s body. I have never known a child of his age to be so wise. Charlie loved others regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or social background. He had a servant’s heart. Charlie put others needs before his own and did everything in his power to bring happiness and joy to those around him. He loved others for being them, not being what the world thought they should be. He loved as we all SHOULD love.

Charlie loved fiercely until the moment he took his last breath. Charlie died tragically on April 14th, 2017.

As my husband says daily, and I agree, “Charlie was the best parts of us. In totality, Charlie was better than either of us.” It is our hope, through this foundation, that we will do the work we believe Charlie would have done if he were still on this Earth. We will work with vulnerable children and families who just need to be loved and supported unconditionally for who they are.

Why Charlie’s Heart Foundation?

Moments after Charlie died, a feeling of panic overwhelmed me. I immediately pleaded with the medical team to take any of Charlie’s organs. “Please!” I said to the nurses and Neurologist, “Please, can you just take his heart?” You see, Charlie had the most beautiful heart and if it couldn’t keep him alive any longer, at least someone else could take breath because of it. Unfortunately, while other organs were able to be donated, Charlie’s heart was not. We believe that even though Charlie’s physical heart could not sustain another, the legacy of his true heart can sustain many. For this reason, we have established Charlie’s Heart Foundation — One Heart, Donated to Many.

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Charlie’s Heart Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity.