The Source of Our Spark

Charlie Holt’s life ended abruptly after five short years. But his life was anything but small. It was the spark of a movement – a movement to heal hearts all over the world.  Join us in our mission to turn tragedy into triumph for children everywhere.

What Can One Heart Do?

Can it stop countless families around the globe from being forced apart? Can it help orphaned children transition from at-risk to thriving? Can it make families whole again? We believe one heart can be a hero that can enhance the lives of underprivileged children. Will it be yours?

Charlie's Watering Hole

An update on our first project with A Glimmer of Hope, a well in the remote Villages of Gondar.

How Can You Help Break the Cycle?

When families are forced apart, hearts break – too many to count.  This is the reality around the globe. Children are orphaned, vulnerable and at risk, separated from the family that loved them from the start – unless – we step up to break the cycle.

Our Mission:

To enhance the lives of children and families in areas of need through sustainable living, financial and health education to ultimately ensure they are prepared for their lives ahead.

Why Ethiopia?


4.5 Million Children Orphaned (5% of the Population)


People Living without access to Electricity


Child Mortality Rate


People Living on Less than $1 a Day

*International Energy Agency, UNICEF, World Health Statistics

My Thanksgiving Prayer

I read this note often as it hasn’t left our refrigerator door since it came home in Charlie’s bookbag over two years ago. The note from Charlie’s preschool teachers on the last Thanksgiving he spent with us is perfection. It truly embodies the little boy that I was...

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The Giving Moment

Our beautiful boy was born on March 22nd, 2012. However, it wasn’t until recently, I discovered that my “spark”, Charlie, and Giving Tuesday, a movement encouraging the giving of self, resources, and gifts to others shared the same birth year. I have reflected so much...

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Charlie’s Garden

You might not immediately associate a child with loving school. Instead, you might think of the daily fights to get dressed and there on time.  There were of course totally those fights of getting up and dressed for Charlie. However, the difference was as soon as he...

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Make a Difference Today

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”

— Mary Anne Radmacher
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