The Source of Our Spark

Charlie Holt’s life ended abruptly after five short years. But his life was anything but small. It was the spark of a movement – a movement to heal hearts all over the world.  Join us in our mission to turn tragedy into triumph for children everywhere.

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Notice Regarding the 3rd Annual Charlie's Carnival

The driving force behind Charlie’s Heart Foundation has always been social responsibility-whether that is supporting developing countries across the globe or taking action in our own community. For this reason, we are postponing Charlie’s Carnival April 4th, 2020. We look forward to announcing a new date.

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What Can One Heart Do?

Can it stop countless families around the globe from being forced apart? Can it help orphaned children transition from at-risk to thriving? Can it make families whole again? We believe one heart can be a hero that can enhance the lives of underprivileged children. Will it be yours?

Charlie's Watering Hole

An update on our first project with A Glimmer of Hope, a well in the remote Villages of Gondar.

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What can one heart do?

Can it help orphaned children transition from
at-risk to thriving?

Our Mission

When families are forced apart, hearts break – too many to count. This is the reality around the globe. Children are orphaned, vulnerable and at-risk, separated from the family that loved them from the start – unless – we step up to break the cycle. Our mission is to empower families to stay together when difficult life circumstances are trying to force the family apart.

Grant Program


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Charlie’s Heart Foundation is committed to supporting small non-profits who are doing great work! The Foundation values working with organizations whose efforts are collaborative, multicultural and evidence-based. Its grant making focus is on funding innovative human service projects that empower families to stay together when difficult life circumstances challenge the family structure.

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From the Blog

Charlie’s Heart Foundation Grant Program

These are unusual times for all of us. Whether you’re a person, business, or nonprofit, everyone is struggling to find their footing in this new normal. The uncertainty of it all is daunting, and many are taking a financial hit.  This is true for nonprofits throughout the world, who have had to cancel upcoming fundraising […]

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His Hands

I remember the first year Charlie was in preschool.  During one of the parent meetings, his teacher reminded us that as teachers, they do not “do art” for the students. It wasn’t until Charlie came home with his first preschool scribbles, that I realized why Ms. Sharon felt she needed to explain how art works.  […]

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Putting Us First

“80% of marriages end in divorce after the loss of a child.”  That is the statistic Michael and I heard just a few weeks after Charlie died, from a bereaved couple who also lost a child. The number has stuck with me ever since. That statistic sent me on a mission, a mission to keep […]

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Night Night

We want our babies to be comfortable, feel secure, be warm, and cozy. That’s why as soon as we give birth, our little ones are swaddled tight and placed against our chest. That immediate connection is the start of our relationship with our children in the outside world.  We find comfort in those connections. When […]

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Our Daughter is Watching Us

Ellie, our super sassy, spunky 5-year-old has come into her own personality these last few months. Her awareness of the world, herself, and Michael and I are both impressive and scary.  A few weeks ago while sitting at the kitchen table, Michael noted how grown Ellie looks, “It’s like in the last 2 weeks she […]

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“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”

– Mary Anne Roadmacher

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