Grant Application Process

Organizations seeking financial assistance must apply through Charlie’s Heart Foundation’s grant application process.  The funding process consists of three steps all of which must be completed for funding consideration. Charlie’s Heart foundation does not accept unsolicited applications.

Step 1:  Letter of Interest

The Letter of Interest is the first stage of the Charlie’s Heart Foundation’s grant funding process.  It is intended to provide Charlie’s Heart Foundation with enough preliminary information to assess whether or not the request can be considered, without requiring as much depth and detail as the full Grant Application.  Letters of Interest (LOI) must be received by the designated deadline (see current Grant Cycle deadlines) via the online portal.


Step 2:  Grant Application

If the Letter of Interest is consistent with the Foundation’s interests and priorities, the Program Officer will invite the organization to submit a full Grant Application. Charlie’s Heart Foundation will provide the applicant with the link to the CHF Grant Application portal.  The applicant must submit the completed Grant Application along with any required attachments to Charlie’s Heart Foundation via the online portal by the designated grant cycle deadline.  At Charlie’s Heart Foundation’s discretion, interviews at the applicant’s office, the project site, and the Foundation office may be a part of the review process. Once the Grant Application is deemed complete, Charlie’s Heart Foundation will contact the applicant to schedule a brief telephone inquiry.

Please note that the Foundation may amend these guidelines and procedures at any time without notice to applicants or grantees.

Step 3:  Telephone Inquiry

During the telephone inquiry, the organization representative should be prepared to answer any follow-up questions the program officer may have. If the request is consistent with the Foundation’s interests and priorities, the Program Officer will direct the Grant Application to the formal review process.


Procedure for Supervision of Awarded Grants

Organizations receiving grant funding will be required to attend a check-in call and submit an impact report to the Foundation regarding the use of the grant funds.  

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