I read this note often as it hasn’t left our refrigerator door since it came home in Charlie’s bookbag over two years ago. The note from Charlie’s preschool teachers on the last Thanksgiving he spent with us is perfection. It truly embodies the little boy that I was fortunate to raise. I am thankful to be his mother and with that, I offer this prayer of Thanksgiving…

Lord, Thank You for the blessings You have given us, not only the ones that have provided us comfort and but also those which made us uncomfortable… for, in growth, we can find discomfort. 

Thank You for family, friends, neighbors—and rainbow of cultures, beliefs, strengths and the knowledge we can learn from one another.  

May You guide us in the path most suited to us as individuals… but help us to be ever mindful that as Your people, Your children, we are one.

charlie-thanksgivingLord, I pray that You will use Charlie’s life—his kindness, sensitivity and acceptance of others—instilling it in all of us… so that we might have the same unconditional love, blindness of differences and childlike openness he showed us in each day of his 5 years on Earth.

Thank You for the year we have endured without him, the glimpses of Heaven You have shared with us through him, and the promise to be with him once again.  

We pray that You will continue to bless our family, our servant’s hearts, those around us and all of Your children throughout the world. 

In each language, it is the same…