mother-and-childAddis Jemari’s values so perfectly align with ours, it’s a no brainer for us to work with them and provide them all the love and support we can. The nonprofit organization based in Raleigh helps orphaned and vulnerable children in Ethiopia by providing educational programming, nutritional support, monthly financial support and so much more. 

AJ also provides support to 50 families in need in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia through their Family Empowerment Program (FEP). These families were chosen in February this year and over the past several months have received programming to help them improve their family and home life, like income generation opportunities and literacy programs. 

We are incredibly honored that much of this work is done in Charlie’s Library and Tutoring Center, and that will continue for at least the next 3 years. In March this year, we spent several days in Ethiopia where AJ is doing their work, and to be a part of what their organization is doing is incredibly fulfilling. 

The work they do for single-parent households in Ethiopia is particularly inspiring. Of the 50 families, 74% of them only have one parent as the head of household. 37 single-parent households were headed by women. 

ethiopian-homesAt the core of everything we do and stand for is the belief that families should be kept together, so helping those that have experienced a loss already stay together and grow is emotional. AJ did a comprehensive study of the families in their FEP program this year, and of the 46 mothers who responded, 30% of them had no education at all. 

Yes, that’s right. Fifteen of the mothers who are in the program entered in not being able to even read or write their own names. We were so broken-hearted to be reminded that something we take advantage of every day isn’t available to women who have to provide for their children by themselves. 

26 of the other mothers did attend school, but only two of them attended beyond 9th grade. 

It was this reason we knew we wanted to increase our role with the organization, and specifically support the library and tutor center. Charlie was such a smart boy who loved going to preschool and was so excited for kindergarten. To share that love of learning with mothers and their children who could benefit from it most was the perfect way to help others. 

We adore Addis Jemari as an organization and are so excited to continue to support them! If you want to learn more and support their work as well, just head here to their website.