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The Still Place Bereavement Retreats

Located in Hayesville, NC, The Still Place provides rest, renewal, and recreation to families with seriously ill children and bereaved families. Healing and hope are fostered through uniquely designed, single-family retreats at no cost to the family. By incorporating nature, art, spirituality, and Appalachian Mountain experiences into their family retreats, they are able to enhance the resiliency, empowerment, self-determination, and hope of each family member. The three-year Partnership Grant from Charlie’s Heart Foundation will support bereavement retreats for Moms, Dads, and Families.

The Still Your Mom and Still Your Dad retreats are designed for parents to connect with other parents negotiating their lives after the death of a child. Space and time for parents to rest, reflect and form bonds organically are provided. Parents are encouraged to be curious and honest, acknowledging grief cannot be healed or resolved but must be lived moment by moment. The Still Place recognizes a parent’s life changes forever after the death of a child and believes these peer relationships may endure and provide support not readily found in friends, family, or healthcare settings.

The Still Place Family bereavement retreats focus on spending time together as a family. They introduce gentle conversations to allow the family to process their grief by sharing memories, and character traits of their sibling, or encouraging families to remember and talk about their child who is no longer physically present but always a part of who they are as a family.


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