Meet Our 2020 Grant Winners: The Still Place

Last year wasn’t all bad, despite a global pandemic and major political unrest around the world. It’s important to focus on the good, and one really great thing that happened at Charlie’s Heart Foundation was the launch of our Charlie’s Heart Foundation Grant... Read More

Meet Our 2020 Grant Winners: Friends of Aine

Even though 2020 gets a bad rap (and for a good reason), the year wasn’t all bad. Sometimes looking on the bright side can help us put everything in perspective, and it’s always refreshing to focus on the good rather than the bad.  One of the good things that came out... Read More

Meet Our 2020 Grant Winners: Camp to Belong

As we reflect on everything we were able to accomplish in 2020, despite it being a very unusual year, one of the things we are most proud of is starting the Charlie’s Heart Foundation Grant Program. This is something we’ve dreamed of doing since we first founded... Read More

Meet Our 2020 Grant Winners: Camp Twin Lakes

The Charlie’s Heart Foundation Grant Program is designed to help other nonprofit organizations whose missions align with our own in helping families and empowering them to stay together under difficult circumstances.  This year has been particularly difficult for... Read More